Create interactive maps that work everywhere.

Create professional interactive maps aimed at your audience. Created in an instant, shareable in one click and a feast for the eyes.

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Your visitors deserve a map that works as well as Google Maps.

Discovery is more fun with an interactive map that works flawlessly. Like Google Maps, but then completely your map, your brand, your locations, and your domain.

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Put it on the map.

Young or old, maps have been fascinating for centuries. Whatever you want to achieve, put it on the map.

This is what our customers say.

Karin Wolfs
Karin Wolfs Marketing Drenthe

"Wolf Maps not only delivers a high-quality interactive map, but they also have an eye for the goals you as a customer want to achieve with the map. They are open and think along about adjustments that increase the ease of use and user experience of your specific target group(s)."

Manon Prins
Manon Prins Groener Groningen

"Wolf Maps is the perfect solution for us to map sustainability! It works incredibly intuitively, looks slick, and they also think along with more complex situations."

Valerie Vermeire
Valerie Vermeire Gemeente Aa en Hunze

"What great possibilities Wolf Maps offers! The collaboration and inspiring brainstorming sessions have resulted in the residents, and especially tourists of the municipality of Aa en Hunze, being provided with a beautifully organized digital tourist map. We hope that all municipalities in Drenthe will follow suit."

Fenna de Vries
Fenna de Vries Vonc communicatie

"We used Wolf Maps during a participation process with the residents of a municipality. The interactive map with potential locations for an AZC (Asylum Seeker Center) was easy to use both during a residents' meeting and from the comfort of one's own home. During the gathering itself, it proved to be a valuable tool to facilitate dialogue. In short, it was a valuable tool during a participation process."

Arnoud Evenhuis
Arnoud Evenhuis Buenaparte

"For one of our clients, we used Wolf Maps to literally put northern transition companies on the map. In no time, the foundation was set, and we got to work, creating a campaign where businesses could sign up to be featured on this beautiful map."

Eefje Koning
Eefje Koning Bureau Meerstad

"Bureau Meerstad was looking for a good solution to present their activities and facilities in a clear and organized way. We found this solution with Wolf Maps. The Wolf Maps map is clear, concise, and easy to use. The support is great, with quick responses and collaborative thinking. We are happy!"

Marnix Modderman
Marnix Modderman NOM / TopDutch

"Wolf Maps helps us to map out the innovative ecosystems of Northern Netherlands in a clear and organized manner. The intuitive map provides user-friendly sector filters and an accessible way to add your business. Additionally, there is collaborative thinking to ensure that the map aligns well with our needs."

Sophie Schrier
Sophie Schrier IVN

"Wolf Maps is a user-friendly tool, which allows you to create beautiful and clear maps and routes for your visitors. In addition, you can display additional relevant information around your location on the map. And it also offers great support service."

Mirjam Pijning
Mirjam Pijning Blauwestad

"The beauty of Wolf Maps is that it contains very high-quality satellite images that renew every year. What I find very strong is that it just looks very nice."

Why choose Wolf Maps?

For us, everyone is a map maker. With that in mind, Wolf Maps is there especially for people and organizations who are not yet making maps.

Wolf Maps op mobiel

Truly accesible for everyone.

70% of visitors view maps on the phone. Our maps feel like an app, but they are not. Just a website, accessible to everyone on any device.

  • No app needed, works in the browser.
  • Findable in search engines.
  • Meets WCAG guidelines.
  • Works lightning fast.
Maak met Wolf Maps je eigen kaart

Make the map you've always wanted to have.

Making maps in GIS Software can be quite technical. With our Studio, it's easy and fast.

  • Receive suggestions from your visitors.
  • Create new maps immediately.
  • The first map online within an hour.
  • Place points, routes, photos, videos, and audio clips.
De interactieve kaart overal deelbaar

Sharing in an instant.

Our experience shows: good maps spread quickly. To stimulate that, Wolf Maps are just as easy to share as a photo.

  • Embed maps on your own website.
  • Shareable via all social networks.
  • Generate QR codes for your maps.
  • Every map has a unique link.

This is how you create a map.

Curious how to create a map? This video shows you how it works.

  • Maps in less than an hour

    You provide the content, we do the rest. In less than an hour, you create a map that works as well as Google Maps.

  • Made for mobile

    70% of visitors view maps on the phone. Our maps feel like an app, but they are not. Just a website, accessible to everyone.

  • Boost your brand

    Leverage the power of maps. Develop your map and expand your reach, as valuable maps spread quickly.

  • Share where you want

    Embed on websites. Share a QR code. Share on socials. Use our many possibilities to bring your map to the attention.

  • Only your content

    Places and routes. But only yours. Show what's relevant, focused on your goal. Clear.

  • Let visitors help

    The world changes fast. With our suggestion features, you build a community. This way, your map stays up-to-date without effort.

  • Photos, videos, and sound

    Enrich your map with videos, photos, and sound clips. Tell a story and engage the visitor. Just the way you want it.

  • Go further with our insights

    View valuable statistics like the most viewed places and heatmaps of visitors.

Create your first map today.

A flashy shareable map within an hour ⚡.